superpedestrian E-Bike

We’re very excited to announce the introduction of our brand new E-Bike.

This has been in the pipeline for a while and we’ve finally decided on the system to go for. We’re using the Superpedestian Copenhagen Wheel. One thing we’ve learned in our 5 years in business is that the simplest things seem to be the most reliable - it makes sense really. With this wheel the battery, motor, torque sensors and controls are all contained within the rear wheel. The consequence of this is no wires, no clutter on the handlebars, no brake sensors, and no unsightly contraption round the bottom bracket. Even better, they can be fitted to your existing Oxford Bike Works bike, so there’s no need to be worried about having to get used to a new fit. The wheel works by sensing the torque you apply to the cassette and adding to your effort. If you don’t pedal, it won’t assist. There are several power settings that are set using an app on your phone. Charging takes 3-4 hours and gives up to 30-40 miles of assistance, depending on the terrain and your riding style. Even if the power runs out the wide range of gears gives you an easy ride home.

These are available in both 26” in and 700c wheel sizes. On the full bike you get a twin leg stand and steering stabiliser, Brooks B17 saddle and a top quality transmission with a wide range 11-42 10 speed cassette all as standard. As with all our bikes, they come with rear rack, mudguards and bottle cages as standard.

Call if you’d like more information, or alternatively the Superpedestrian website has lots of useful technical details.