Q: Why do you use steel as your frame material?

A: High quality steel has a special flex that suits touring cyclists. Its also relatively lightweight and easy to repair, unlike aluminium or carbon.

Q: What do I do if I come for a fitting and after a few weeks riding my bike I think the fit isn't quite right?

A: Our Comfort Guarantee ensures a perfect fit. Some people know what suits them and can get the right fit easily. For others, its a longer process that might involve a few adjustments over a few months. If you decide, after the fitting that the bike doesn't fit as well as you'd like, you've got 2 options: 1) If you know what's wrong and know what will fix the problem, call us and we'll send out the correct part. 2) bring the bike back and we can redo the fitting


Q: Why are handbuilt wheels recommended for expedition touring?

A: Simply put, hand built wheels use much higher spoke tensions, which make for much stronger wheels. If reliability and reassurance is important to you, this is probably the best upgrade you can have.

Q: Why don't you offer disc brakes on your standard models?

A: because we wanted to keep our bikes simple, and we don't think discs offer that much of a performance improvement over V brakes. Discs can get easily damaged in transit and its trickier to replace the pads. Years have taught us that the way to enjoy hassle-free touring is to keep things as simple as possible. Update......We have recently taken delivery of adisc prototype, and have equipped it with cable operated discs. Further update…… we are now offering the Expedition with discs as an upgrade.

Q: Why don't you offer front suspension?

A: because its heavy and it saps your energy, even if you can lock it out. Its also just one more thing to go wrong. If you want better suspension buy thicker tyres.

Seriously, if you are disappointed about the answers to the two questions above, buy yourself a steel framed mountain bike and we'll prepare it for your tour. Whilst discs and suspension don't fit into our philosophy, we're quite happy to help you get the bike you want to tour on.


Q: Do you offer any cycle to work schemes?

Sorry we don't. Being a company with 1.5 employees we don't have time for the administration and the costs eat too heavily into our profits to be viable. We also hear stories of bike shops having to wait ages before they actually receive payment from the scheme.

Q: Do you offer any other ways of making purchasing your bikes easier?

Yes! We offer something that we think is unique..... A savings plan! You come for a fitting, choose your bike spec and then start paying into an account we set up for you. We give you 5%pa interest - far better than you'd get in a bank, and when you've saved the money we build the bike for you. We appreciate that it doesn't give the instant gratification of credit, but for people on a marginal income who want a reliable bike, we think its a good way to do it.