Our flagship frame is designed for the specific needs of the touring cyclist.

Spending a long time in the saddle means that comfort is the key priority in the frame geometry. Our aim is to get even weight distribution between handlebrs and saddle, to minimise excessive fatigue in either contact area. That said, you're a cycle tourist so we assume you want to see the countryside you're passing through, and make eye contact with people around you. For this reason we've made it easy to adopt a head-up posture.

Whilst comfort is priority number one, manoueverability is also important. We've resisted the temptation to build in long chainstays so that you can still change direction easily. We want the bike to feel nimble even when its loaded up. That way you've got more chance of avoiding potholes, or other nasty stuff the road surface may throw at you. However, if you have specific requirements, choose our Model 3, and you can have control of every aspect of frame geometry, and even swap frame tubes to ensure you get the bike you need.

Our bikes come with a full complement of braze-ons for bottle cages, front and rear luggage, stand and mudguards. The forks and rear stays are spaced to allow tyres up to 2.1 inches in width, should you need them.

We believe steel is the best frame material for a touring bike.

Our frames are made from high quality double butted chrome-molybdenum steel that is highly resistant to fatigue and failure, whilst having a certain spring that you will appreciate after a few long days in the saddle. Aluminium and carbon frames don't have these attributes, and are appreciated by racing cyclists for their rigidity. Steel can be welded almost anywhere in the world, in the unlikely event of a frame failure - this is not true for aluminium, carbon or titanium frames.

We use Reynolds tubing in all our frames.

Our frames are made from Reynolds 525 tubing, a British company with a historic reputation for making high quality, lightweight and strong tubes. Our competitors can make do with cheap chromo frames, because they have their reputations already established. For us, this is our commitment to the highest quality in bike manufacturing. We are a new company and we want you to believe in our product.

All our frames come with a 10 year guarantee.

A 10 year guarantee against perforation or failure of the frame is our way of reassuring the customer of our commitment to the highest standards of finish and build quality at a reasonable price. We give our frame the best of chances by using a very rugged powder coating system, and a coating of Dinitrol on the insides of the frame tubes.

Frame Geometry.

Our frames are designed to have significant overlap between sizes. If you find yourself between sizes, we recommend that you take the smaller size, as you will handle the bike better.