Oxford Bike Works Rohloff Tour


The Rohloff Tour is ourtop of the range offering, though even here we have tried to keep costs down.

The Rohloff Tour uses the same tried and tested frame geometry as our other bikes - we learnt early on to stick with what works well. We've also learnt that by keeping things as simple as possible, our customers benefit from greater reliability. We decided to use the Rohloff sliding drop outs as a means of tensioning the chain rather than an eccentric bottom bracket and these are our reasons:

  • Eccentric bottom brackets are heavy and are located in an area where lots of dirt and grime collects. To retension the chain using this method takes time, effort and cleaning, and means you're more likely to take it to a shop to have it done. By using sliding dropouts, its a 5 minute job that can be done by almost anyone with an allen key
  • We route our cables under the bottom bracket to a cable stop brazed into the non-driveside chainstay. The other alternative is over the V Brake bosses, creating a snagging hazard on clothes, panniers and the like. Its just too exposed here, much better tucked away under the frame.


Suggested Specification

Frame: Reynolds 525 double-butted tubing

Transmission: Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 OEM CC EX

Chainset: Shimano 44t

Wheels: Deore front hub, Ryde Rims, double butted spokes

Saddle: Madison Flux or OBW Isis

Rear Rack: Tubus

Handlebar grips: Ergon GP1

Mudguards: Axiom Black mudguards 45mm wide

Weight: ~12.5kg (depending on exact specification)