These guarantees apply to the first user only. 

Comfort Guarantee

Under the terms of your comfort guarantee, you are entitled to ask us to replace the following parts if you believe your fit needs to be adjusted. Stem (length (130mm max) or angle of inclination (35degrees max)), headset spacers up to the top of the fork steerer, handlebars (if they are uncut), and seat post. This assumes that the part concerned is in ‘as new’ condition, and could be re-used on another new bike. If the part concerned is scratched or damaged, a small surcharge may be required. We ask that you pay for the return of the part by post if you do not wish to bring the bike back to our fitting studio. We will cover the postage of the replacement part back to you. If you wish to return your bike to our fitting studio for us to change it, you are most welcome to fix an appointment and we will do it for you. This guarantee is for the first 12 months of ownership.

Parts Guarantee

The parts on your bike are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of purchase and covers defects in manufacture or incorrect fitting. Some parts are specifically excluded, including those parts that wear out due to normal use or neglect. Chains and chainrings, tyres, brake shoes, rims, loose spokes and all other parts that wear out quickly because of neglect are not covered. Our liability in this case is limited to the cost of the whole bicycle. 

Frame Guarantee

The frame is guaranteed for 10 years against failure and rust perforation in normal use. 
Failure: This bike is not a mountain bike and should not be subjected to the types of shocks that might be expected on bikes with suspension. - ie drops of more than 15cm, especially when fully loaded and/or using thin tyres. Evidence of abuse will negate this warranty. 

Rust perforation

The frame is powder coated with a covering which is capable of resisting the ingress of water provided it is looked after and inspected regularly. The internal tubes are protected with Dinitrol spray. The frame should be periodically inspected and any nics or chips touched in with touch up paint. Corrosion as a result of neglect will not be covered. 

The headbadge and stickers are guaranteed for one year. However we would be quite willing to replace transfers out of warranty if it keeps our bikes looking nice. 

Replacement of the frame in the event of failure or corrosion perforation shall be made where evidence of failure or corrosion perforation can be shown and will be limited to the cost of replacing the frame. 

Parts Availability

Occasionally some parts become unavailable for long periods of time. We reserve the right to substitute items of similar (or greater) value, where there will be no adverse effect on function. No surcharge will be made for this. 

Custom Colours

Please make sure that you are happy with the choice of colour before ordering, as it is impossible to change your mind after the frame has been coated. 

Changing your mind

We want you to have exactly the bike that you want, that’s why you probably came to us in the first place. If, after your order has been made, you change your mind on specification, we will change it, provided the bike has not yet been built. From that point onwards a reasonable labour charge may be applied for thedisassembly and reassembly of components. If the change involves unusual parts or parts that become second hand once fitted, we reserve the right to levy a reasonable charge to cover our losses. 

Once a deposit has been paid, you have made a firm commitment to buy, and components are then purchased on behalf of the customer on the basis of a firm order. If a customer wishes to decline a purchase after an order has been made and a deposit paid, we reserve the right to deduct reasonable costs from the refund. 

Re-Indexing gears 

Inevitably on a new bike there will be a certain amount of cable stretch leading to a loss of indexing. Equally, changes in temperature can also have a similar effect. We are quite happy to adjust gears that require it, free of charge during the first year of ownership. Just make an appointment in the normal way.