Local wheel builder Ross Speirs and Oxford Bike Works offer the Models 1, 2 & 3 with handbuilt wheels as an upgrade. Upgrade prices start from £150. Rear wheels are differentially spoked, with plain gauge on the drive side and double butted spokes on the non-drive side. If you have any specific requirements, these can usually be accommodated.


Simply put, the thinner your tyres, the less weight you carry, and the better your bike handles. Its a very difficult compromise between speed and comfort and one that is very individual. We believe that you should be riding the thinnest tyres possible  for the terrain you will be covering, which means that unless you ask otherwise we will fit 26 x 1.25s. For most European roads they are exactly what you need. At the end of a long day we think your tired legs will appreciate their small, low friction footprint.

If you anticipate cycling across quite rough terrain, or are used to bikes with suspension, we would recommend 26 x 1.5 or 26 x 1.75s. We think 26 x 2” tyres are specifically for off road use, and specific circumstances where particularly tough tyres are required.