Maps are coming to Oxford Bike Works! Proper ones that you can open up and spread out on your kitchen table! We have two plans, a short term plan, and a long term plan

Short term plan:

We have decided to stock the excellent range of cycling maps produced by Sustrans. These cover the whole country at a scale of 1:110,000 which is pretty much perfect for cycle touring. If you do 50 miles a day one map will last you 3 days, on average. They are clear enough for navigating on the hoof and mean that if you find yourself on a road with heavy traffic, you'll be able to find an alternative route without stopping. These are available at £5 each by mail order. For extra tear, and moisture resistance, we'll be offering treated maps at a cost of £12.


Long Term Plan:

We are currently in negotiation with a large mapping agency (not the OS) to produce a 1:100,000 in the same vein as the old Barts 1:100,000, with colour coded relief. We always thought there was something special about being able to spread your map out and plan your next day's route, avoiding roads you know will be busy. We hope to be able to be able to print site-centred maps on polyester paper that won't tear or go to mush in the rain.

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The Stivvy -

A bike you can ride all day without ruining your appetite for more!

Being based in the village of Steventon, local people are known as Stivvies. We thought we'd like to build a bike suited to the local tracks and trails, both rocky and muddy behind our village and up to the Ridgeway of the Berkshire Downs. These tracks are often deeply rutted, but don't have the kind of terrain where suspension is particularly useful. We put together the bike above with our steel frame, hydraulic rim brakes, DT Swiss rims and XT hubs, and 11 speed XTR transmission with a single chainring at the front and an 11-42 cassette. Schwalbe Marathon Mondial Tyres and a Brooks Imperial saddle complete the picture. Its only a prototype at the moment but it weighs in at 11kg and we'd expect to charge around £1500. No need for panniers as its a day bike, but we'd expect some would like it with mudguards for the winter for a little extra comfort. Either way, it has the full complement of braze-ons should you decide to take off round the world on it at some stage in the future.


Coming soon:

Our state of the art commuter bike. Lets face it its often our commuter bike thatdoes most of our miles - why shouldn't you spend a decent amount of money on the bike you use most? Gear ratios tailored to your commute. Maintenance free hub brakes built into bullet-proof hand built wheels. A dynohub and light combination with integrated USB charger completes the package. Photos and detailed specifications to follow.