Testimonials From Satisfied Customers

Don't just take our word for it on quality, professionalism and attention to detail. Here's a selection of what our customers are saying about the bikes and services we offer:

I have the Model 1 and I love it. I ride it to work every day and am looking forward to taking it on it’s first adventure soon. Richard has been fantastic and I am so pleased I found his beautiful bikes.
— Elizabeth, Oxfordshire
Received my new bike yesterday and am thrilled with build quality and service, delivered all the way to Devon by Richard. Have bought the bike for commuting and touring and it is perfect!
— Sue, Devon
Having spoken to Richard on a couple of occasions I can honestly say that he is one of the most helpful chaps within the industry in this country.
— Jon

Reviews & Media Coverage

We've caught the eye of the cycling press as well. Here's a few excerpts from recent reviews of our bikes:

I’m really happy to be able to showcase Richard’s work here. The bikes are fantastic, he cares a ton about what he does and does it well, and he’s the first bike builder I’ve come across whose pricing model puts custom-built touring bikes in competition with the mainstream tourers.
— Tom Allen, tomsbiketrip.com
This is a very competent touring bike – or trekking bike, as it’s designed with flat bars. As Marion [the reviewer] observes: ‘for long distances, it would be a good choice’. She was quite reluctant to give it back, but couldn’t justify another bike so similar to her Thorn.
— Feb/Mar 2014 edition of Cycle
Tricky is a true gem of a bike and the comfort he offers really is extraordinary. I didn’t realise cycling could ever be this comfortable and it has been a most eye-opening experience. He’s also nice and light but feels sturdy, which is good when cycling off road and having to carry him up and down steps. I would trust him to serve me well on a long cycling tour and I will miss him a lot when he goes back to Oxford Bike Works.
— Clare Moreley, monveloetmoi.com
(Clare later bought the test bike we lent her!)